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Yahshua Tabilog Posted a greeting on 05/23/2012: "shalom."
Zipporah Mwangi Posted a greeting on 01/29/2011: "Shabbat Shalom Elder Don mansager, May Yahweh bless your good works and give you comfort and strength always, HalleluYah."
Mauro Fajardo Posted a greeting on 12/28/2010: "May Abba YAHWEH barak yo and me with shalom!!!."
Michelle Love Posted a greeting on 01/22/2010: "Elder Don, it was a wonderful blessing for me to see you and Sis Mil at FOT09, may Yahweh cont. to bless and keep you."
David Cea Posted a greeting on 09/12/2009: "shalom y bendiciones de yahweh para usted en este ministerio. un abrazo david de chile."
PETER MATHU Posted a greeting on 07/09/2009: "Shalom Elder Don, Greetings and blessings, YHWH bless your zeal in His work. Bro Peter,Nakuru KENYA."
Marilyn (Lyons) William Posted a greeting on 09/18/2008: "Bro. Don baptized me in the late 1970's. He and Mil conducted my husband, Carles' Lyons funeral in 1981. Much Love."
Jaan Meyer Posted a greeting on 04/27/2008: "It was so good seeing you at Passover. You look so good and your out look on things is wonderful."
Shanmukh Raju Posted a greeting on 01/28/2008: "shalom brothern ; just i saw ur web it is very good ; it become my bible teacher;."
MARIA FRANCIS Posted a greeting on 08/10/2007: "Haleluyah! Good to be back in the building.Except yahweh build the house they labor in vain that build it. Psalms 127:1."
Isaac Ebenezer Kusuma Posted a greeting on 07/22/2007: "You are so dear to us in India. We have been blessed by your articles a lot. May Yahweh bless you my dear brother."
Cashea Meyer Posted a greeting on 02/25/2007: "I hope everything is going well! Hope to see you soon!."
Jan Meyer Posted a greeting on 02/09/2007: "Seeing everyone at the "Open House" was a blessing and to see the happiness on the faces was such a joy."
Fely Mathias Posted a greeting on 01/06/2007: "Happy Sabbath Elder Don, I'm so happy to see your recent picture,back to the building,YAHWEH BE MAGNIFIED."
Jan Meyer Posted a greeting on 12/18/2006: "Such wonderful news that you are able to worship in the building again and to get back to doing Yahweh's work."
Rosario Ybanez Posted a greeting on 12/04/2006: "Wish to see you again,Elder Don. Praying for smooth sailing life in Yahweh."
Elder Jorge Ybanez Jr. Posted a greeting on 11/16/2006: "You are always remembered in my heart for your being so humble and kind person to us."
Haidi (Renner) Edwards Posted a greeting on 11/15/2006: "Hello Elder Don, This is such a nice website! I hope you are doing well. Yahweh Bless!!."
Jan Meyer Posted a greeting on 11/12/2006: "So glad you are enjoying this special website. You deserve to have this one so we can say Thanks."
Liz Fisher Posted a greeting on 11/11/2006: "Eventhough we meet weekly, I want you to know that your work, blessed w/Yah's Spirit, has changed our lives."
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