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A Man of YAHWEH  / Cliff &. Rose Waddy (Family of YAHWEH )
Elder Don Mansager is a man of YAHWEH. We met him and Mil in 2/2004 and requested that he baptize us in the name of YAHWEH. He was feeling a little under the weather that day(2/15/04), so we were baptized and Elder Don laid hands on us. We have many memories of Don and Mil during the YNCA days.

We are grateful for everything they taught us through example. We were saddened to hear of their health decline and Mil's death. Don is a strong man of YAHWEH and we are grateful for his spiritual leadership. He helped us grow into who we are today and we are grateful. May YAHWEH bless Don for all the seeds he planted and watered through the years.
Man of Wisdom  / Michael Martin (friend)
Elder Don Baptised me on april 20, 2002. He is very blessed man and is like a spiritual Father to me. He is also very knowledgeable and gives his insights and encourages me to keep going for Yahweh. He told me once to always hear both sides to a story before making a decsion. May Yahweh Bless Him all of his days, HalleluYAH!
Shalom from India  / Mr.Sunith Premanand (since 25 years )
Dear Sir Donald Mansagar,
Elohim`s grace i got this site to spell a word for your outstanding overseas ministerial work, we have been blessed by his many articles in different magazines. Now that in a most blessed years , still with power on dias. thank you,
y.sunith premanand david
Congratulations / Jeff Crocker (Brother)

    Hi Don,
    Congratulations on your new web site <>.   I look forward to seeing it up and running. 
                                                                Your brother, Jeff
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