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Impacts of a special man from the CAN-do generation  / Gary Mansager (Son)

For me, Dad impacts everyone who he meets.  He listens and always has time for others.  I recall him mentioning to our family of his desire to serve Yahweh in 1968, in Holt Michigan at our first feast of Tabernacles.  Since then, being an ordained minister, he has dedicated his life to spreading Yahweh's light to the world, or at least everyone that will choose to listen.

Of the many trips we took, it seemed as though we always were going somewhere for services.  One week it was Saint Louis, another it was Nevada Missouri, another Dallas,  and one weekend we stayed home in Olathe, Kansas.  Someone in Florida donated to our assembly a 1966 VW squareback.  We were greatful for the car, however that car had it's share of "anomolies".  I recall the generator failing late one night returning home, and just as the lights from the battery were almost too dim to see, and as the engine started to sputter, a State patrol appeared out of nowhere, and obviously he knew we were in trouble.  We drove in the shadow of the patroman's headlights to the nearest hotel.

Dad is a very humble person.  He would never boast, nor was he willing to speak about his personal experiences such as in deserving of the bronze star during WW II.  Only recently did he recount his experience to us.  I know also about his many ministerial trips to Asia and India.  He confided how some of the conditions were of the poor, although he commended the people who would offer the best they had for accommodations and food.  His efforts towards the ministry have positively impacted thousands of people's lives.

Regarding the Can-Do generation,  How many people would build a house for a coworker's housing needs while in their late 70's?  That's exactly what he did.

Dad is not looking for earthly rewards.  But as I think about his accomplishments, life, and unending care for others in Yahweh, I know he is deserving of rewards from above.  He is certainly a role model for us all.

THANKS TO ELDER DON  / Dave Bobst (Friend)
Thanks be to Elder Don, he showed me the pathway to Yahweh and his son Yahshua back in 1974.  HalleuYah!!
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