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Special Memories
My Ordaining Elder- Elder Jorge B. Ybanez Jr.  
My late father Elder JORGE T. YBANEZ SR. was ordained into the Ministry by Elder Don. He was grateful to leave the words of appreciation for the Elder Don's visit to the Philippines, being  the first Sacredname Ordained Elder sent to Asia, particularly, Philippines.  My father has a high respect of him and remembering  his last words to continue the works here in the Philippines without deviating from the scriptural True doctrines that we had learned from Bible scholar Ministers of whom we consider Elder Don as one of the best teacher amoung the rest of the Elders who came to the Philippines. Glory to Abba Yahweh for his calm and humble spirit. He endured the hunger, pain, sleepless nights just to be with brethren in their querries and the thirst of Yahweh's word.  I consider those moments as very special because I was ordained into the Ministry to help my father carry the True Teachings handed down to us It was a great honor to be one of Yahweh's worker in spirit and in truth despite of the thorny and stormy experiences we had in the flight of the Assembly. Those moments that Elder Don spent for us were so valuable and lasting souvniers not only for this life but for life eternal.

Elder Don, I honor you as my father in faith as what Elder Ybanez Sr keep on repeating his words of encouragement and advises before he died, to maintain the good relationship of being your son in YAHWEH"S ministry. We love you and your love for will be always remembered...

As of now I am away from my family to carry the works here in Manila for Yahweh's sake. Yahweh bless you and add many more years.....

With much love in Yahshua's Name

Eld. Jorge B. Ybanez Jr.
A Dedicated Man by Elder Roger Meyer  
Who is Don Mansager? We are surely aware that he is a family man, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But, who is he really?

I first met him in the late 1950’s when I was dating his “little” sister, who I eventually married. At that time I knew that he traveled a lot as a salesman, spending many nights in hotel/motel rooms. It was later that I found out that he spent those evenings studying the Scriptures. This is the time he became a student of the Scriptures and he still is. He is the one who introduced my wife and me to the Sacred Names.

As we, and our families, journeyed these last nearly four decades together, he has always been a relentless believer that Yahweh will take care of His own. He has always been a resource in Scriptural understanding with the ability to explain the meanings to those who could not.

He was willing to make sacrifices of his time to travel abroad. Twice he ventured to the Philippines (going to India on one of those trips) where he gained deep respect from those he met in those countries. He, along with his wife Mil, made many ministerial trips around the United States.

Don has truly been a dedicated servant of Yahweh. He will always stand tall in the fight of truth. His unselfish love of the brethren shines as a beacon shines to show the way of truth, honesty, uprightness, humbleness and fortitude.

With deep love and respect,

Roger Meyer
"Old Friend"- John Fisher  

Your daughter and your sister have requested that those close to you contribute to a webpage that is a tribute to you. I consider it an honor to make my thoughts and feelings known to you now as a living testimony to my love for you. There is a song which I have known and sung for a long time that most eloquently expresses such thoughts as I have toward you and have written the lyrics below. Nevertheless, I find that there is nothing that I could put in writing that could express my eternal gratitude for the influence you have had, and continue to have, in my life. Though an “old friend” could be someone who is twenty-five years old, it is still true that old friends are rare; and to me, you have become an old friend.


“Old friend, you just grow dearer, the lines grow deeper; the paths grow clearer.

And, I recall your every look, each of them an open book.

And though long miles may separate us, my love for you endures.

With warm regard and in fond affection, I am truly yours.


Old friend, we've seen so much together, stormy days and windy weather.

And like a cloak against the cold, I wrap myself in friendship's folds.

And though long miles may separate us, my love for you endures.

With warm regard and in fond affection, I am truly yours.


Old friends, like warp and woof entwine, each crossing defining the design.

And though in places frayed and worn, the fabric remains untorn.

And though long miles may separate us, my love for you endures.

With warm regard and in fond affection, I am truly yours.”



Elder Don, may Yahweh bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and bless you all the days of your life.

Thanks to Aba Yahweh for Elder Don- Ana Ybanez Harrom  
Greetings to all beloved brethren in Yahweh's Great Name and our loving Yahshua who offered His life for the remission of our sins.

I do not know how to start to write the sacrifices of Elder Don to the Filipino people of whom many of American brethren do not know and may refused to know all about his love to the Ministry. Blessed be Yahweh that sent Elder Don to the Philippines, who had been following the footsteps of the apostles and the Patriarchs of old.

I can describe Elder Don as the man who portrays the lives of many righteous men of the Scripture. Whoever those great beloved of Yahweh, I am sure that the name of Elder Donald R. Mansager together with all those worthy Elders who had been serving yesterday, today and those who passed away are written in the book of life for having dedicated their lives for the sake of Yahweh's Word. Nevetheless, we should also follow those footsteps of them that had shown us the way to Yahweh's kingdom and Elder Don is one of the example that obeyed Yahweh's word sincerely and humbly.

No better way of expressing our love to Elder Don except to let everybody be informed that he is and will be Yahweh's one of the beloved to reign on earth a thousand years and we desire to be with him in the real coming kingdom of Yahweh through Yahshua. No words of appreciation be enough to say for allowing us to be a part of Yahweh's family on this earth and giving us chances to have fellowship with him and with his family, in behalf of all Filipino brethren who love him so much, million thanks to Abba Yahweh for Elder Don.......see you under the Tree of Life with Yahshua.

Granddaughter Lindsey  
My most vivid memory of Grandpa is when he and Grandma took Beth and me on a trip in his motor home.  We went to Branson to some sort of amusement park.  We had funnel cakes and bought trinkets and went on a ride.  It was a silly ride, but just Grandpa and I went on it.

I was nervous and uncomfortable because I thought it might be like a roller coaster, which I was too embarrassed to admit that I was terrified of.  Grandpa, being thoughtful and perceptive, knew I was nervous and began to make silly jokes to calm my fears.  Every time we would go down one of the miniscule hills, Grandpa would yell, "Fire in the hole!" and put his hands up like we were on a real roller coaster.  He made me relax and I wished the ride would never end.  Thanks Grandpa!
From Little Sister Jan  
I have known  Elder Don all my life and he wasn't always Elder Don but my oldest brother who was always there for me, our mother and brothers after my Dad passed away.  He was there to give me away when I married Roger, he and Mil were there sitting by my side praying as Roger had heart surgery, he told us about the names of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh and His son Yahshua.  He showed us that Yahweh said we must attend the FOT and so we did in 1969 and he baptized our Mother and me.

The Bible studies at the FOT or High Days were always so interesting as Elder Don never  answered the questions but asked those in the audience what they thought the answer was.  It would have been so easy for him to give us the answer but he wanted us to search the Scriptures and say what we thought the right answer should be.

 Over the years we have left other organizations for many reasons and each time we started a new organization we asked Yahweh to bless our work.  He has most certainly done that many times so we trust in Him and do what we can to further His work.

 Elder Don has always been generous not only with his time but also his knowledge of the Bible and never wants to be praised for what he does.  Most of you know what a humble man he is and we are so blessed to have him with us to help us learn more of Yahweh's word.  I know of no one who studies as much as he does and when he learns something new he shares with us but then reminds us we need to check out the Bible for ourselves.

     Love you Don.     Your little sister, Jan 

Grandpa's Influence- Grandson Ryan  

From a small child I always admired my grandfather. He seemed like the guy that could do anything if he put his mind to it. That persona has giving me great confidence and I look back on that quite frequently. I have a lot of childhood memories about my grandfather, I remember him teaching me my multiplication tables while working on his motor home. I remember riding with him on his Kubota tractor mowing the assembly grounds.  I remember him teaching me woodworking and building techniques which I use daily building houses. It was his interest in building that was so addictive I too just had to try. My grandfather had a very good balance of being stern when he had to be but giving enough love as to earn his respect.

He was always concerned about proper etiquette. You always say “thank you” and never ever put your elbows on the dinner table while eating. Even at 29 I find myself doing this on occasion and in the back of my mind I can still hear his voice, “Ryan don’t put your elbows on the table.”

Knowing his service in World War II and what he had to go through makes me proud of him. He has accomplished a lot in his life. He no doubt could have been a wealthy executive or CEO like his uncles who presided over the Hoover Vacuum corporation, but instead he retired and went into teaching the word of Yahweh. This shows what he deems important.

My grandfather has always shown his love for Yahweh not by word only but deed as well. He has done a great service for Yahweh and has taught many people. There isn’t a year that goes by that someone doesn’t tell me how much “Elder Don” taught them. One Elder in another assembly told me that in the Philippines even today they still speak of him. He was instrumental in the modern day Sacred Name movement. He has truly focused and geared his life to be a servant of Yahweh.

Writing this makes me reminisce of many fond memories I had growing up. It makes me realize how blessed I am to have him as a grandfather.

From Granddaughter Beth  
Wing tip shoes. I don't have one specific memory that I find more special than the next (although I still laugh when I remember thanking him for something and he said "Thanks I have plenty of, it's the nickles that I need") but wing tip shoes will always remind me of Grandpa. They are very dignified, have an elegance of a past generation, and they are quietly handsome. When I think of wing tip shoes I also think of Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird and he too reminds me of Grandpa. Very good and fair, does the right thing even if it's not easy, and fiercely protective of his own. 
It feels good to be his granddaughter and I feel so important when he puts his big hand on my shoulder and squeezes it.
I know that he is a complicated person with more history than I probably will ever know. I also know that when I hear the phrase "quiet strength" I think of him...that and wing tip shoes!

To Me He's Just "Grandpa" (Granddaughter Jennifer)  
My Grandpa has always held a very special place in my heart and in my memories. I am now 27 and I know to still have him in my life is a true blessing from Yahweh. When I think of Grandpa, my first thought is him sitting in his office among all his books. He always had time for me whenever I went in to visit him. He would stop whatever he was doing and talk to me or open up his desk drawer and show me one of the many trinkets he had in there (which always fascinated me completely). He had tons of paper clips, old photos, letters from people in the Philippines, and ALWAYS a stash of peanuts.

I was always amazed at his memory and his intelligence. One day about 20 minutes before services, I asked him where his notes were for his sermon. He said he was still trying to decide what to preach on. When it was his turn to go behind the pulpit all he had was a small slip of paper with about 7 or 8 scriptures written on it. He did the entire sermon practically impromptu, drawing on his years of knowledge and study—simply amazing!

Probably my most cherished memory of him goes back to one day when I was 5 years old. I walked into his office and declared that I did not yet know how to tie my shoe. He smiled at me and told me to come and sit on his lap so he could show me. It took several attempts, but I eventually caught on. It's so funny how that simple act has stayed with me all these years and I can always say that my "Grandpa Mansager" taught me how to tie my shoes.

My Grandpa has led an extremely dedicated life for Yahweh. He has brought the truth to so many people in the United States as well as around the world. He is a living legend in the minds of many people, but to me he is more than that…he is and will always be my Grandpa.
Dad- Elder Alan Mansager  
Dad's life is best summed up in the words he drummed into me, "What is worth doing is worth doing well." No matter what he took on he did it with ambition and perseverance. He applied both of these qualities not only to the ministry, but also to his hobby of carpentry, where he built or completed the construction of half a dozen homes in his lifetime, and to his secular salesmanship.

Untold hours studying the Bible alone in motel rooms while on the road helped prepare him early on for the demands of the ministry. Dad has the gift of an exceptional memory. Out of the blue he would often recite verbatim one of many poems he learned in school. When asked a Scriptural question he not only would respond with a well-reasoned answer, but usually produced from memory the book, chapter and verse to back it up.

His Scriptural knowledge and persuasive manner endeared many hundreds if not thousands of people to the truth of Yahweh's Word over the 40 years of his life's work. His desire to instill in me a love for Yahweh and His Word is the most valuable gift he could have given me. It seems from the day he was ordained he always had a Biblical study on his mind and a study article in the works. He still does today.

Dad was blessed to have my mother Mil as his constant helpmate in the ministry. She always endured with positivism their many trips together, crisscrossing the country in their motorhome to bring the Truth to people's homes, as well as many weeks alone while he was away in the Philippines or India spreading the Word.

I was blessed to have been taught Biblical virtues and values by a father and mother who were an active part of my adolescent years. Along with my brother and sister, we are still a close-knit family that follows the Truth today. If everyone had the same experience and influence in their lives that I have had, this would be a much different world.

Alan Mansager


Dad's influence (Elder Don's daughter Linda)  
My Dad has always been larger than life to me.  From my earliest memories there wasn't anything that he couldn't do, from building a house to removing a splinter from my finger.  His steps to following Yahweh were deliberate and studied, he deligently searched the scriptures and when he was convinced that the Bible said to do or not do something, that was what he did. While we were still in Minnesota and the foundation of the large split level "dream house" he was building literally crumbled, he started searching for the meaning of his life and ended up making Yahweh it's foundation.

He quit eating pork, he threw away our xmas decorations, he started using the sacred names, we started to keep the holy days. It didn't happen overnight, but over years.

As a family we learned slowly, as we accepted and practiced truth we were given more insight. The years in Wyoming were solitary. We would go someplace in our travel trailer almost every weekend, partially to see Wyoming (Dad was a pharmecutical salesman who traveled across the state), partially to keep the Sabbath away from our everyday lives. We were ecstatic to have Ralph and Gerda Henry to worship with us after Dad  taught them what he had learned from the scriptures.

Looking back the thing that strikes me the most is Dad's devotion to Yahweh and to helping others learn the truth that had taken him years to know and accept. He and Mom sacrificed, over and over again. Yahweh gave him an incredible helpmate, one who has stood by and supported him through the good and the turbulent years. Dad started with nothing more than the Bible and the desire to humbly serve our Creator. Through his ministry thousands of people have learned about Yahweh and Yahshua and his influence is found not only in the ministries of Rocheport, Holts Summit and Kingdom City, Missouri but throughout the world. I am so blessed to have had him have such an influence in my life.
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